Robin Tuluie, PhD

About Robin

Robin is co-CEO and founder of PhysicsX. He is dedicated to building deep learning and simulation solutions to unlock breakthrough engineering performance at our customers, and passionate about building a company and culture committed to these goals.

Robin believes that to solve the urgent climate and industrial challenges we face, AI must help reconceive how engineering is practiced – across problems from the decarbonization of industries to accelerating renewables adoption to scaling new sustainability technologies. Robin works across our R&D and delivery functions and helps engineering leaders in advanced industries identify and execute the engineering transformations that PhysicsX can enable.

A theoretical physicist by background, Robin worked alongside Nobel-prize winning physicists on the discovery, by simulation, of a foundational new effect in the cosmic background radiation - his initial simulation work subsequently confirmed by the famous COBE satellite measurement. Robin left academia for the fastest development cycle on earth, Formula One. He was Head of R&D at Renault (Alpine) F1, where he developed a number of groundbreaking innovations that helped the team win back-to-back double World Championships. In 2011 he joined the Mercedes F1 team as Chief Scientist and Head of R&D, developing innovations with multi-physics simulation tools and machine learning optimizations, helping to build one of the most successful F1 teams of all time. After two more world titles with Mercedes, Robin joined Bentley Motors as Vehicle Technology Director, responsible for the overall simulation strategy and digital twin roadmap, while advancing simulation with Ducati MotoGP and across the Volkswagen Group, before founding PhysicsX in late 2019.